Proactive Customer Care Program (PCCP)

The PCCP service alert system automatically alerts Lanier technicians to machine malfunctions or inaccuracies, allowing them to take rapid action before a service call is even placed. In addition, Lanier monitors machine performance over a 30-day period and allocates a Service Quality Index. If this index reaches a certain threshold, a supervisor alert is triggered. All alerts are followed up and necessary actions taken. Quarterly meetings can be held with your IT department or project leaders to discuss and review their output performance.

Service & Supplies

It makes good sense to protect your investments. To meet the specific needs of your business, Lanier has a range of service options available; please discuss these options with your Account Manager. For example, with our Proactive Customer Care Program (PCCP), you can remotely measure your system’s performance to ensure optimum uptime, meaning you don’t have to accept deteriorating performance from your equipment.

Our Service Delivers: Spare parts and service support For new systems, Lanier commits to the availability of parts and labour for a period of 5 years from the date of initial purchase.

Prompt Service

Lanier prides itself on its service delivery record and aims to respond promptly to all service contact calls. Our current national average response time is four hours in metropolitan areas. Service calls can be placed directly over the internet, or by telephoning our Customer Care Centre on our toll free number. Every call is tracked to ensure an optimum response time for our clients.


If you select one of our service options, your Lanier equipment will be maintained by Lanier trained technicians only. One of the primary reasons Lanier can offer your organisation such high quality service is the proficiency of our service support team. Our technicians receive regular training in products, technologies and applications so they can solve problems fast. Lanier’s excellent service history is maintained through continual monitoring of customer service goals.

Customer Care Centre

In order to offer the best possible service, Lanier has dedicated and trained staff in our national Customer Care Centre to provide you with immediate assistance. This allows you to speak directly with a highly trained service technician, potentially eliminating the need for you to wait for a technician to arrive on-site. The standard hours of operation of the Customer Call Centre are from 8:30am to 7pm Eastern Daylight Saving Time, Monday through Friday.

Service Response

Lanier monitors not only response times but also a number of other criteria when analysing performance targets. Most industry response times are calculated from the time a technician is internally allocated a call until they arrive on-site. In comparison, Lanier bases its response time on the time a call is actually placed until the time a technician arrives on-site. This measure gives you a true indication of Lanier response levels.


In order to get the best from your new system and to understand all of the available functions, operator training is essential. Accordingly, Lanier has developed individual training courses tailored for each system we market and install. Free training is available for 90 days from the installation date. Further training is available upon request thereafter.


The dedicated Lanier Supplies Team ensures that your supplies are delivered on time. Orders may be placed through our direct toll free number, email, fax or via the Lanier website.