Production Print

The new range of Lanier production print devices are designed for commercial printers including quick printers, and in-plant production facilities. They set new standards for productivity, efficiency, quality and profitability, with offset like image quality, delivered with the convenience of digital. This high performance is underpinned with a robust build quality and extreme reliability, and they are also remarkably easy to use because they have been designed specifically to meet the most demanding requirements professionals need in production printers

Equipped to produce an incredible variety of printed materials, these new digital colour production system bring versatility, scalability and high performance that includes: flexible workflows, feeding and finishing to suit almost any print volume, tight front to back registration, colour accuracy and new paper path technology enhancements which all add up to improving your productivity.

The Lanier production print range is delivered by a dedicated team called Production Print Solutions. This is a group that’s experienced in the world of commercial digital printing, who will actually become a key element of your business, and invest the time to work through every decision with you. Every production facility is just that little bit different, and whether the drivers are quality, speed, reliability, durability, finishing or all of the above, the PPS team has been created based on Lanier’s understanding that modern print facilities increasingly need a solution tailored to their own unique combination of needs. These might start with the equipment, software and workflow, but follow right through to service, support, flexible finance, and partnerships with people that always aim to develop a deep insight into your business, including your development goals, end customer expectations, and future print technology needs.

Mobile printing: Print from phones and tablets. Check out the list of supported models.
Colour - 65 ppm
B&W - 65 ppm
Colour - 80 ppm
B&W - 80 ppm
Colour - 65 ppm
B&W - 65 ppm
Colour - 75 ppm
B&W - 75 ppm
Colour - 75 ppm
B&W - 75 ppm
production printersPRO C901/S
Colour - 90 ppm
B&W - 90 ppm
PRO 8100S
B&W - 95 ppm
PRO 8110S
B&W - 110 ppm
PRO 8120S
B&W - 135 ppm