Colour Printers
Lanier’s award winning range of colour printing devices feature the latest in colour control, security, network features and advanced imaging & toner technology. Lanier colour laser printers are created to simply deliver outstanding productivity, performance, quality and versatility


colour laser printers

are designed and built by the largest manufacturer of office printers worldwide, and come in a vast range of shapes, sizes and specifications to suit almost any requirement, are compatible with all platforms, fully networked, and come with a 3 year warranty. No matter what your printing requirements are, chances are we will have a printer to suit you. Each Lanier laser printer will help maximise your workflow productivity while minimising costs, all in a user friendly package with the smallest possible physical and environmental footprint.

Lanier laser printers are class leading in every respect, from quality of output, to value for money and reliability. Lanier products routinely pick up industry awards from trusted independent testing labs, such as BLi and BERTL.

At Lanier it’s not only our printers but our people that make the difference. We specialise in removing the complexity when in comes to choosing the best colour laser printing solution. We have dedicated staff and distribution partners all over Australia that can help, so get in touch with a Lanier printer expert today.
Mobile printing: Print from phones and tablets. Check out the list of supported models.
Colour - 16 ppm
B&W - 16 ppm
Colour - 20 ppm
B&W - 20 ppm
Colour - 25 ppm
B&W - 25 ppm
Colour - 35 ppm
B&W - 35 ppm
Colour - 45 ppm
B&W - 45 ppm
Colour - 29 ppm
B&W - 29 ppm